Complete 10 sets of the following:

In 3 minutes you are to sprint 200m plus do as many rounds as possible of the following exercises:

5 deadlifts 95/135
5 pullups
5 pushups (strict)

Rest precisely 1 minute before repeating.
Post rounds completed from each set to comments.


click to enlarge (ladies version only)For those who complete HELLth week, we are offering a new HELLth Week t-shirt - AT COST!  Women's shirts and tanks are $11.00.  Men's are also $11.00. 

Going through something this rough deserves a badge of honor, right? 

Now we don't want to be sticklers here, but how can you show you did every workout without posting it? 


It's just ONE point.  One.  In the past, missing a GPP workout during a CCC was grounds for dismissal, or for losing $ or a couple of other things I can't remember.  But we fell out of love with that. 

The thing is, that mentality reflects what too many of us unnecessarily do in real life after we miss a workout.  We THROW IT ALL AWAY.  Know what I mean? How many of you (like me) have eaten a handful of M&Ms and ended up throwing the rest of the day totally down the toilet?  Not only do I end up eating more M's (not sure what collective noun is), but THEN piled on top of that - I don't workout, I eat some ice cream, some cake and do just do a whole bunch of other detrimental crap and throw the whole day away.  If I'm being honest here, there have been times I've thrown whole weeks away like this.  "Eh ..., I can start again on Monday..."  Yes, I've said this on a Tuesday before.  

This just isn't necessary.  There are so many other things you can do to improve your health throughout the course of a day, that any ONE thing you do wrong simply cannot derail you.  A handful of M&M's can't (all by itself) rob you of your health, right?  So, for this CCC to help get us all out of the "All or Nothing" mentality, we have assigned 1 single point to many of the most important aspects of your health that can stand alone. 

Want/need to miss a workout?  Fine.  That's 1 point.  Just one.  There are still 14 more you can earn for the day that will count towards your goal of becoming optimally healthy and fit (maybe winning $500/$250).  And that is the lesson.  If you get a little off course, just keep it a LITTLE off course.  Little deviations are so much easier to correct.  Click HERE to sign up for the CCC.  


Funny Amber ...