Complete 6 rounds

400 m run
20 straight leg situps
20 hanging leg raises (knees to shoulders)
20 tick tocks R 25/35 
20 good mornings 25/35
20 tick tocks L


Running Group - Meeting tonight at GPP Fitness in Centerville @ 7pm.  Running to the Bountiful "B."  It is approx 5 miles.  1.5 miles of gnarly climbing, but walking is absolutely OK.  Also remember, what goes up must come down!  This will be great training for those in upcoming relay events.  Everyone is invited.  FB Kenzie or Nikki G. with any questions.


" ... It's been almost 3 years since I joined GPP. It has turned out to be one of my best decisions. Workouts are hard and I come home stiff and tired. But I feel better than I ever have. We went to Disneyland this month, and I could really see the difference. My husband took his GPS and it showed we walked 33 miles in the 4 days we were there. And getting on and off the rides were much easier for me. I feel like I have my own personal trainer. Being 69 years old with 2 artificial knees, I can't do a lot of the exercises the others do. But I don't worry because my personal trainer always takes good care of me and works me hard doing exercises I can do. Thanks ... for taking such good care of me, and running such a classy gym." - Jayne Jones

We love you Jayne!