Warm up - Tabata situps (8 rounds of 20 seconds "on" 10 seconds "off")

7 min AMRAP:
10 kipping pullups
10 strict pushups

Rest 2 min, then

7 min AMRAP:
10 front squat 65/95
20 box jumps

Post total situps and rounds completed for each couplet to comments


From the blog comments section today.  From Jenna.  So inspiring - I had to post.  Thanks Jenna!

I love this workout too, it makes me feel so strong. Just wanted to tell about something husband said this morning. I asked him how he liked the workout today, and if he was still sore from the workouts earlier this week. He said, "Yes, I am now eternally sore." I loved that. It's a good thing :) It's the right kind of sore, the kind that makes you know you are alive.


Spine straight.  Arms at full extension in line with COG.  Ears just peaking out from in front of the arm.  PERFECT Chaney.