For time:

20 power squat cleans 45/65
19 power squat cleans 45/65
2 burpees
18 power squat cleans 45/65
3 burpees
17 power squat cleans 45/65
4 burpees
16 power squat cleans 45/65
5 burpees 

Continue subtracting 1 PSC and adding 1 burpee per round until you have completed 20 rounds each.  The workout is complete after you have completed your 1 rep round of PSCs and your 20 rep round of burpees in sequence.  

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HELLth Week starts next week.  Start gearing up now.  Drink a little more water this week.  Get a little more sleep.  Eat a little less junk and a LOT more fruits, vegetables and lean protein.  If you take vitamins (why wouldn't you?), make sure you're caught up.  If you don't take vitamins.  Start.  If you need some, I know a guy.  

Its not a bad idea to consider a post-workout protein supplement during next week.  Post workout is the best time to input the nutrients your body needs to recover and thrive.  It is many times more receptive to nutritional input during the immediate 40 mins after your workout.  We think chocolate milk is pretty good.  We like it better when there is extra protein added.  Try the stuff in the fridge next time you are in.  It is amazing! 


Yep, just like that Court!