Complete as many reps as possible in 2 mins of:

squats (backside must touch 15 inch target)
kettlebell swings 25/35
bench dips
biceps curls 15/20

REPEAT (once)

Rest 30 seconds between each exercise.
Post reps per exercise to comments.


There is a principle in exercise that says you have about 90s of push in certain energy pathways.  90 seconds.  So, lets do 120!

Give this workout your all today.  Sometimes we (mainly talking about myself here) have a tendency to let a few reps slide when the count gets long.  We get a little sloppy too (again me).  


Work hard today.  If there is a "Money Set" then there certainly is a "Money" workout.  This is the one.  It is the workout that all of our workouts this week have been building up to.  Don't waste it.   


Can you identify with THIS (2:22)?  - Thanks Janetha (I think:)


Start gearing up.  Hellth Week (a week of HELLacious workouts with crazy intensity aimed at giving you a jump start on your summer) and a corresponding CCC (Crash Course Challenge) will be starting up again April 30th.  Details to come.  This will put us into AMAZING shape by Memorial Day.  Happy swimsuit season!  


New To GPP?  Wondering what it is all about and how to work it?  We will be having an orientation meeting Wednesday May 2nd @ 8 pm at GPP HQ (40 E. Pages Lane, Centerville). If you'd like to know how to harness the amazing results that this place is capable of putting onto you, we'll tell you all our secrets that night.  See you there.  Free for all.  


The locals think we are crazy!