20-19-18-17-16-15-14-13-12-11 reps per round for time:

High Sumo 65/45
Box Jumps

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Homestyle (for those off-site with limited equipment)

High sumos can be done with KBs and/or DBs.  I've even seen folks do them with kid's toys.  Whatever works.  Just remember to keep your back straight and start/end each movement at mid-calf.  

Box jumps are usually done on stairs.  There are A LOT of jumps here.  Don't be afraid to step some of them.  Our stage at GPP HQ is around 15 inches.  It's about 2 average stair steps.


It Doesn't Matter When You Workout - by Neil Anderson


Looking for a healthy after school activity for your kids (ages 11-18)?  Bring them by to GPP Kid's class today at 4pm.  Candice is an amazing instructor.  $30 for the remaining 4 weeks.