5 rounds for time:

20 situps
20 sideups R
20 sideups L
20 back ext
20 DB biceps curls 15/20
20 OH triceps ext 15/25
20 lunge steps
20 KB swings 25/35
400 m run

Post time to comments.


Which is better for you?  

A) Two strips of bacon
B) Half a bagel
C) A bowl of Rice Crispies 

Those who answered B or C are what we like to call WRONG.  Besides having fewer calories (bacon - 84, half bagel - 135, Rice Crispies - 126) bacon will not spike blood sugar.  Scientists at Harvard took another look at bacon and its potential for causing heart disease.  Their findings?  Zip.  Nothing.  After reviewing 21 studies they concluded bacon does not contribute to heart disease.  Heredity, hypertension, injury to the arteries, smoking and inflammation are the major culprits.  


*REMINDER* - We are starting a running group again on Thursday nights, starting next week, March 29th @ 7:00. Every level and lover or hater of running is invited to join (even non GPPeeps). We will be mixing it up with speed, tempo, hills, fartleks, farts (sometimes it happens), and many more ways to explain how you can run. THIS IS FOR ALL ABILITIES. Come train together for your next relay or just to get a good workout. We will try to post what we are doing a couple days in advance. Well hooray. 

Hope to see you and a friend there!


Karla gets "Kissed."