Complete 3 super sets of each combo.

10 BB biceps curls AHAP
B/O set of high band curls M/H

10 DB skull crushers AHAP
B/O set of narrow pushups

10 OH BB press (strict) AHAP
B/O set of side lateral raises 10/15

60 sec 6 inch leg holds
60 superman back extensions

post weights and number of reps.
AHAP = As Heavy As Possible
B/O = Burn Out  


Homestyle (for those off-site with limited equipment)

Remember - Use DBs as sub for bar.  


There really is no good time to eat empty sugar calories.  But 20 grams of of the stuff directly after your workout (like within several minutes) will help carry protein to the muscle cells you've just worked.  It helps carry other needed hormones and nutrients, too.  The take home?  If you are going to drink that empty calorie soda or reach for some chocolate, do it ONLY after the workout.  Then LIMIT your sugar intake the rest of the day.  


Guarantee you 135# is way more than Lisa's BW.  Most people can't lift their BW once, let alone 100X!