6 rounds (7 out of 10 intensity)

400 m run
5 chinups (assisted chins - if needed)
25 bent rows 45/65
25 Superman back ext

Post Rx. to comments.


If the weather holds, this workout begins a 4 day streak of workouts which include a run.  Today will be the longest of the runs, but it won't be as intense as those to come.  

We encourage you to get outside and stretch your legs with this one.  Suggestion, even if you don't/can't run, at least get outside.  Do a couple of fast walks, or bring your bike.  The other day, I brought my bike and subbed every 400 m. run for a mile ride.  Just did the mile loop.  It's not Rx, but a close second.    


Homestyle (for those off-site with limited equipment) -

Sub chins for heavy band pull downs.  You may need to double/triple up.
Sub bent BB rows for band rows.  Med weight.   


It's how GPPeeps "belly-up" to the bar. (Christine, Sid)