Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes you are to sprint 200m plus do as many burpees as possible.  
Rest precisely 1 min. 

Post burpees completed from each round to comments.


GPP Kids (ages 11-18) classes started today!  Raging success and VERY cool.  Kids need more of this kind of thing.  There are a couple more spots available.  If you'd like your kid to get some of these benefits, please bring them to the next class on Thursday, February 9th at 4 pm.  Classes are held through Centerville City, but registration is closed, so just show up and we'll get them registered.  Classes last 45 mins. We use all of the same principles with the kids that we would use for adult classes.  Workouts are just altered a bit to help kids with confidence and to keep their attention. 


PERFECT Gina!Sometimes lack of flexibility may be the limiting factor (as well as core strength) for your attempts to go toes to bar.  IF you lack this strength & flexibility, but still wish to gain many of the benefits of this movement, try doing it without your knees extended.  Going knees to shoulders closely simulates the other movement.  It will increase your ability to eventually gain the strength to go toes to bar.  Plus they look good - ON!