This workout is done in 3 parts.

Part 1 - (stationary hops)

2 min lateral hops R
30 sec rest
2 min lateral hops L
30 sec rest
2 min plate switches

Part 2 - ("Rough Boy" squats)

30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
1 min squat
1 min squat hold
2 min squat
2 min squat hold

Part 3 - (run throughs) 15 meter sprints with no less than 8 obstacles.  Each of the following will be done for 6 passes.

high knee turnaround sprints
front hops
karaoke (grapevines)
side hops R
high knee turnaround sprints
side hops L
squat jumps
plate hop burpees
rolling pushups
high knee sprints

Post thoughts to comments.  Happy Leap Year!


Homesyle (for those off-site with limited equipment) - You'll need some room to run today.  No running room?  No problem.  Simply simulate the movements and the obstacles as best you can with as much room as you have. 

On the run throughs, we are running roughly 10-12 meters.  If you can only run 2-5 meters in one direction, you'll need to increase the amount of passes you make to equal what we are doing at the gym.  It is a lot more turnarounds, and it'll take more time, but simulate it as best you can. 

As far as the obstacles go.  You may need to jump, squat, sprint and burp hop along the floor without them.  If you go hard enough at this workout, you'll get plenty - trust me! 


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Nikki is proud to report she set a new PR for pullups!