5 rounds.  Each movement is deliberate.

5 chinups
10 DB biceps curls (strict) 15/20
15 Aussie pullups
250 m. row

Post Rx to comments.


Pullin' (homestyle) - for those doing this workout at home with limited equipment.  


 What is this "homestyle thing?" - We get dozens of letters from folks all over the world (nearly 2500 people per day check into our website) asking how to alter our workouts to work for them at home. They want our unique programming (thanks to your efforts and amazing results), but have found it hard to follow along without the advantages of having the equipment we have here at the gym.  We also get hit up by our local GPPeeps about how to alter workouts off-site.

Our goal with the homestyle workouts is to give folks who are off-site many of the same results you could get here at the gym.  Unfortunately, without the right equipment, you can never get ALL of the efficiency and effectiveness of our gym workouts..., but you can get da** close.  

We hate the thought of someone trying to follow our programming in earnest at home or off-site without knowing how alt the workouts.  So, we are going to help where we can.  We plan to post these daily.  

If you are following from home or off-site and have some basic equipment including several sizes of bands (light, medium, heavy) and some dumbbells (8,10,12,15,20 pounds and up), you can get many of the same benefits of our workouts.  Total investment in your home gym needn't be much higher than $70-80 - at first.  We will have a full write-up on how to spec your home gym coming up soon.  Eventually, you are going to need more equipment.  But, the basics will carry you for several months to a year.   

Pumped to be storming it with our "homestyle" GPPeeps.  We promise to get better at them, over time.  Let us know how we are doing and how we can help you.  Also, let us know how you are doing here in the comments.  


Speaking of "amazing results..."