Compare 6/21/11

Warm-up (choose ONE):

1 mile run
1 mile row
1000 rope jumps

3 sets of 30 seconds each low back and piriformis stretches, then:

5-5-5-5-5 per side:

single arm deadlift AHAP

Post weights to comments.


Happy Valentine's Day! 

We don't want to be Killjoys here, but a day like today can really pull you down (from the perspective of a good diet).  Don't let it.  I mean, It's NOT like today is Thanksgiving or Christmas.  

That being said, a day like today can be granted a few tantalizing indulgences, right?  So, if you are trying to get into the Valentines spirit of things you might try sucking on - HARD CANDY - instead of some of those other delectable treats typically served up on this day of days.  Compare:

Your average Jolly Rancher (the .25 cubic inch size) is 25 calories.  According to Wiki Answers, it takes about 27 minutes to finish just 1 without biting or chewing it.  Some of you are better suckers than others, but when it comes to hard candy, you are only taking in about 1-2 calories per minute.  Not bad.  

By way of contrast, your average Toll House sugar cookie (according to has about 130 calories - WITHOUT frosting.  Those things are tiny.  I don't know about you but I can LAY WASTE to several dozen of those stupid things in ONE sitting.  Seriously, you give me 27 minutes and I (along with many of you) can pound down some serious caloric intake.  Am I right?  I'd hate to even do the math on how many calories per minute I'd be capable of going down on in this example. 


You're not making this any easier on us Karen R.