Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.

KB swings 25/35
mountain climbers
jump rope
box jumps

Post total reps for each exercise (meters for row) to comments.


So what's next?  Many of you took on the challenge of our 4 day fast.  Results have been amazing, but we should caution you here; any results seen are going to be temporary if you don't pick up where you left off and immediately get on a great eating plan.  We have several here on the site. 

You have done much.  You have gone far and suffered a lot.  However, you don't really have any wiggle room here, so don't give yourself any slack.  The ONLY reason you have gone through what you did is so you will have the advantage of sitting right where you are now.  Now DON'T blow it. 

Eating plan starts NOW.  You may choose whatever eating plan you like.  Whatever you have experience with is best (as long as it has worked for you).  If you have no experience, may we suggest multiplying your body weight by 12 rounding down to the nearest eating plan (click HERE).  Or, Burst Cycle Dieting has worked for thousands of folk.  Whatever.  Just get on something and stay on it.  We will be talking Nutrition and how trainers know when you are cheating on Saturday.  Don't want to miss this one.  Good luck!  Excited to hear about your successes AND failures.  We can all learn from both. 


Thx Vicki ... EXACTLY!

"Day 4 of the fast and i ate my protein about an hour after i worked out. So fantastic! I really have a new appreciation for eating when it's necessary rather than when i just have that feeling, or bored, etc." - Vicki B.