With a med ball 6/8 and a partner complete AMRAP in 30 min.

10 ea. forward twist toss R
10 ea. forward twist toss L
10 ea. sideways twist toss R
10 ea. sideways twist toss L
20 ea. partner ball slams
20 ea. situp throws
20 ea. scoop throws
20 ea. leg throws

Post rounds completed to comments.


Let's try this one again.  Many of you commented that you were just getting the hang of these movements when the clock stopped.  You felt you could have gotten a better workout if the workout was just a bit longer, too. So, here it is.  10 min longer and within touch of the last time you did it.  Bring a partner you can really jam with!  Or, we'll just supply you one...


THIS is very cool.  Anyone know of others like this?  


The result of putting your face where your hands should be, or maybe Lou just threw it hard!