For time:

20 DB thrusters 15/20

10 ski squats M/H 

19 DB thrusters 15/20

11 ski squats M/H 

18 DB thrusters 15/20

12 ski squats M/H 

17 DB thrusters 15/20

13 ski squats M/H 

16 DB thrusters 15/20

14 ski squats M/H 

Continue subtracting 1 DB thruster and adding 1 ski squat per round until you have completed 11 rounds each.  The workout is complete after you have completed your 10 rep round of DB thrusters and your 20 rep round of ski squats in sequence.  

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Until recently, we've prided ourselves on showing movement demos in video form that are short, effective and perfectly to the point.  We tried hard not to let those demos go over 30 seconds.  Just the facts please.  

Lately we've been getting a lot of questions about our movement demos.  These have been coming from professional trainers and enthusiasts all over the world just wanting to know more.  

GPP movements and standards are very specific to us.  Since they are so different from what you'd see almost anywhere else, we've decided to make some longer demo vids.  

For those of you who want to know more, we will attempt to answer more of the "Whys," and "Hows."  We'll also try to cover some of the more common faults you'll see with these movements, and how to correct for these faults.  

We are hoping this will make it easier for you to teach others to GPP along with us.  You can find all of these (please "like") on our YouTube Channel under "Education/Rehab/Pre-hab." Here are the first couple.

Clean Curl 101

Ski Squat Extras