3 rounds.  Not timed.  Try to string together all reps of each exercise (no break sets). 

25 box jumps
5 pullups
25 OH DB strict press 15/20
5 pullups
25 back squats 45/65
5 pullups
25 OH triceps ext. 15/25
5 pullups
25 situps

Post # of break sets and where they occurred to comments.


Posted to comments by "April in OR:"

"... I have been worried about this workout since it was posted, so very glad it's over. To help, I wrote down 20 inspirational quotes and placed each one on a notecard, many of the quotes were from this website ("You can do hard things", etc), then I numbered them and flipped over a new one for each minute. I placed them on the ground and then could read it every time I went down. It helped to have something new to think about each minute and really helped keep me going ..."

It got me thinking about my fav quotes.  I use them all the time (in my head).  Here are the most frequent:

- "1 Corinthians 3:16"
- "I can do ANYTHING for 1 more minute."
- "Rise above."
- "The best things come to those who DO."
- "Who is counting on you to be your healthiest?"

What are your favs?  

April - I'd love to see that list...   


Sally's over!