Time each exercise individually.  Rest as needed between exercises.  

1000m row 
30 power cleans 65/115
30 clean and jerks 65/115
30 push jerks 65/115
200 double unders (600 singles)

Vets - Do not be afraid to use a higher weight.  
Rookies - Be afraid.  
Post times to comments.


Time for another check-in.  How are you doing on the Holiday Hold Em challenge?  Please post compliance, or non.  Also post successes, or failures observed to comments.  Please share secrets if you've got them.  


A lot of folks have asked me for a page deciphering common abbreviations we use here on the site.  I PROMISE we are getting on that ASAP.  In the mean time, here are a couple to consider today.  

T.W.I.N.E - The false notion that if 1 workout is good 2 is better (more HERE).  Also a great Bond movie

T - The
W - Workout
I - is
N - not
E - Enough 

TYT - One of the hardest things to do in fitness.

T - Trust
Y - Your
T - Trainer 


From Kym's Facebook page"Did my first chin ups today! 5 to be exact!! Love @gppfitness!!" 

THAT is an amazing back!  Strong work Kym!