Warm up:

20 inchworms (make sure you get those hams stretched)


Every 30 sec, complete 10 max effort (if you are prepared for it) sprints for each of the following exercises. To prevent injury, consider starting each exercise at 50% of max intensity, gradually building up to 100% after several reps.

10m start & stops
10m sideways shuffle sprints (R+L=1)
10m backwards sprints
10m starts and stops

Post total sprints completed per exercise to comments.


Coaching cues:

Starts and Stops - You are to accelerate to your max speed and come to a complete stop before the 10m line.  Concentrate on keeping your back strait, head up and eyes forward.  Drive knees toward your goal.  

Sideways Shuffle Sprints - You are to accelerate to top speed, then come to a complete stop WITHIN 10 meters each time.  Again, back strait, head up and eyes forward.  Accelerate hard down-range using the up-range foot.  Do NOT cross legs between strides. 

Backwards Sprints - Back strait and head up as before, but only keep the eyes up for the first 4 steps off the line.  You'll need to look down as you approach the line, but do not bow your back.  Keeping your body centered directly above your COG is essential to not falling down!  Never lean too far forward, or backwards.  In general, longer steps are better, but there is a limit to this (as with everything, right?).


This workout is cool.  By accelerating forward to top speed within a short distance, you tax and shape mainly the posterior portion of your lower body.  Then, by hitting the brakes and decelerating to a stop in the same short distance, you tax and shape the other side (anterior).  This lends to perfect balance in your lower body. 

Most people make the mistake of thinking that a sprint workout is all about using the lower body and lungs.  It is not.  Sprinting taxes the entire body, ESPECIALLY the core. It is one of the reasons sprinters look like this.  Give it your all today to get the most benefit.

A word of WARNING - Last time we did this workout, most of us became "Thrust-O-Sore."  If you haven't sprinted in a while, DO NOT complete all of these.


Rob H. reports that he is at his all-time low, adult weight today.  He generously shared a few of his secrets on film with us (click HERE to see them).  Congratulations Rob.  Strong work brother!   

... and a photo to prove it.  It is AMAZING.  Especially considering the time of year.