3 rounds with a continuously running clock

2 min run
2 min ab bridge 
2 min run
2 min 6" leg hold

Post total break sets to comments.  


"Sometimes your body needs the very thing you are most tempted to avoid."  

The Precautionary Preclusionist - (Exercise Articles - repost) by Neil Anderson


It is that time of year again.  The time of year when you are most likely to get sick.  One thing we can do to avoid illness is get all of the nutrients we need.  It is best if you can do this through eating healthy food.  Not eating perfectly?  Consider a good multi-vitamin/mineral.  It can help.

Monika (Troy's sis) is planning to be at GPP all day today.  She'll be conducting tests to see if your multi/healthy eating is working for you.  If you are interested - it's FREE!  It only takes a couple of min.  See more HERE

I've been taking Nu Skin vitamins for over a year.  They have significantly decreased occurrences/severity of colds and flus.  


20 #V in under 2 months!  Strong work Heidi!