3 rounds for time:

500m row
25 KB swings 25/35
40 box jumps
25 KB swings 25/35

Post time to comments.


Dedicated December Challenge - prizes and giveaways for staying in shape!  


"There was a time early on during the first burst cycle that I was faced with a decision that was monumental to my success.  It was during a workout when we had to run a mile.  I decided I was going to try to run that mile without stopping or walking.  It became SO HARD for me!!!  At that point I had to make a choice whether to quit, go back to the rec center and say I gave it a shot, or continue on and go all out. The choice to keep going when the going got its toughest made all the difference. I remember running that entire mile. It hurt so bad! I thought I was going to die! But I had beaten my old self. I had told that fat, unhappy guy that he was no longer welcome in my body. That is when then lack of fitness wall was broken down. Workouts continued to be difficult, they have never really gotten easy, but I proved to myself that I could do hard things and that I was in charge of who and what I was going to be.  Thanks for EVERYTHING!!  You taught and showed me how to be, "the master of my fate, and captain of my soul." 

-55lbs!  This picture says it all.  I've been dying to post this.  Thank you Laurie and David for putting this together.  BTW Laurie (far right) you look incredible ... and just a few months post baby, too!