Hold each of the following for 1 minute.  Follow immediately with only 30 sec rest.  Complete 3 sets of the given exercise, back to back before moving on.  The hold is to be performed at the most difficult point of the movement.  You are to concentrate on doing each hold with as near to perfect form as possible.  Exercises are:

squat holds (Held at, or below parallel.  Slight inward curve to back.  Chest high.)

HSPU holds (Held upside down with arms extended.  Core tight.)

chin over the bar hold

bench dip hold (Held with backside 1 inch from floor & back 1 inch from bench.)

6" leg hold (Flat on back, head up, hands supporting pelvis, low back pushed into the floor.) 

Post longest hold (in seconds) per set to comments.


Working on better form today.  Sometimes when we are tired, we let our form slip a little.  Sometimes it slips A LOT.  This can lead to injury and/or inefficient workouts.  

Static holds can help ingrain better movement patterns.  They can also help to strengthen you where you are weakest.  Do your best interpretation of each of these holds today.  When the pain sets in, use BETTER form, not worse.  It is better to fail with perfect form today than to make it to the end of the minute with slop.


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