5 rounds OTC - 

30 pass through lunges (R+L=2) 15/20
15 four stop burpees
15 high windmills R 15/20
15 high windmills L 15/20

Post Rx to comments.


OK, I still don't think I've recovered all the way since the last time we did this one.  This workout did things to my hammys that ... well, I'll spare you the deets.  The thing is, this workout hits you in places that aren't usually focused on.  That is a very good thing for your health and over-all fitness.  

That being said, some of you will need to pay attention to those hammys.  Especially where they originate.  That's WAY up inside your groin area in a place where it would be impolite to touch yourself in public.  Even MJ didn't grab there.  If you find you are having some abnormal tension WAY up in there ... consider bending that opposite knee (on the side that hurts some) a little more and shortening that movement.  As ALWAYS stay within your pain free range of motion.  If it hurts, don't do it.  If you can alt the movement so that you can do a bit of it without pain - cool.  


We get a lot of questions from folks wondering if they can still workout when pregnant.  Well, you'd need to check with your doctor, but it doesn't seem to be slowing these two down (or any of the other dozen, or so who visit us daily).  There are things you'll need to know first.  Read them HERE.

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