Warm up:

30 K2S


5-5-3-3-2 reps of:

power cleans AHAP


3 attempts at a PR of 500 m row.  (Sub for row is 50 ski squats with heavy band/cable)

Rest as needed between all sets of exercise today.  
Post weights of power cleans and all 3 row attempts to comments.


I have often said, if I were asked to present the results we see daily at GPP to a group of my peers - I would be laughed off the stage.  

Emily, thank you for this.  Amazing performance.  Amazing effort.  Just amazing!  

"I just wanted to send a quick e-mail to thank you for your awesome workouts! 

... I ran the St. George marathon about a month ago.  I was super nervous because I hadn't run a marathon in about 6 years (pre marriage and pre-babies).  My fastest times in all 12 of my previous marathons was 3:49.  I really wanted to beat that time but wasn't sure what to expect.  I trained less for this marathon then any of my previous marathons.  I was consistent with doing the GPP workouts and then I would run a couple times a week as well and I did about 4 long runs.  I ran the best race of my life.  I crushed my PR and got a 3:30 and I felt amazing.  I was running by Tuesday of the next week.  I have never recovered that fast with any of my races.

... I love [these workouts] and I feel like they are the reason that I did so well in my race.  Thank you!  Can't wait to see what else I can achieve.  Thank you, thank you!!"



EPIC use of one's fitness.  Family vacation hiking the Inca trail.  Justin, Jan & Jax over looking Machu Picchu.