4 rounds for time:

15 single arm hang snatches (R) 25/35
15 bench dips
400 m run

15 single arm hang snatches (L) 25/35
15 bench dips
400 m run

Post time to comments.


Q:  "Being new (and remote from CA) here I have a question. I read the Q&A section and it refers to a document called "Establishing a baseline" that would explain how to monitor progress by measuring and weighing in. I couldn't find this document on the site. Can one of the GPP gurus provide a summary of the process?"

November 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterYana


A: Yana - I've been promising that post for years now. We used to have it up on another site. Somehow it didn't make the transfer.

We use scales and a measurement tape to tell us the whole story of our progress. Neither are very useful on their own, but together they are more powerful than anything else. Yes, even more powerful than body fat measurement.

Pick three spots on your body and develop a technique for accurately and consistently measuring these spots. We suggest (chest, hips and thigh). Measure them over and over. Get good at being "dead on" consistent with finding those spots to measure. Write the spots down. Take pictures if you can. That way when you come back to measure it next week (yes, measure weekly) you'll have an "apples to apples" comparison. It is important that you know that the differences you see are changes in your body - not user error.

In combination with this, weigh yourself daily. We suggest using a 7 day average (add 7 days of weigh-ins together, divide by 7) It doesn't matter what you weigh. It only matters what changes you make.

Now put it all together and decipher the data. If your weight goes up, but measurements go down, you have an explanation for weight gain (probably muscle gain). If weight goes down and measurements go down, you're cool. If some measurements go down others go up and weight stays the same, there is also an explanation for that. See how it works? If you need help interpreting the data write to us. We can help.

Good Q. We'll get that post up soon.


The Bountiful Food Pantry is an amazing place.  When we went to drop off your TDC donations, they were very gracious and took us on a tour.  It is a huge warehouse!  Busy.  Like, we were constantly getting out of everyone's way busy.  

We learned they serve nearly 700 families per month.  These families come from all over Northern Utah for assistance.  And while that huge warehouse looked packed and even over-flowing, we were informed that without your donations, they would be out of everything within 3 months!  

It is a huge undertaking.  They do all of it (incoming donations, sorting, outgoing donations, inventory management, cleaning etc.) with only 2 paid employees!  

Your TDC donations put over 340 lbs. of food donations into their supply chain.  We were also able to give them $289 in cash.  To say it was "much appreciated" would be an understatement.  

I was very proud to represent our community with this donation.  Thank you for your outstanding effort, kindness and charity.   

Craig and all the folks down at the Bountiful Food Pantry say, "Thanks."