Warm up - 800m run + 20 chinups

5 sets of 5 reps of:

bent row AHAP
OH triceps press AHAP

Finish workout with 50 situps
Post weights to comments.


"momma b" asked this question to comments:

"Ok guys I may need a tutorial here. Not sure which is more important...doing them quick as per timing instructions or getting them all completed?"

Thought the answer might provide a good refresher.

For the most benefit, here is the order of operations with every workout (in order of importance)

1. Complete perfect reps.
-  5 perfect reps have more benefit than 10 crappy ones

 2. Complete all reps called for.
-  Once you have perfect reps, try to work your way up to all the rounds and reps in the time allotted.

3. Complete reps with Rx weight. 
-  After you have perfect reps and all the volume, only then should you consider higher intensity.



Mike & Matt charge a little extra credit before Turkey Day!  Nice work, gents.