Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

10 thrusters 45/65

Post reps completed to comments. 
Please be careful.  The soreness factor for this workout is VERY high.  Scale as needed.


Jana asked me to tell you that she won't be able to tend kiddos today.  She'll be back Monday.


A note to the Rookies who are brave enough to storm with us daily.  Vets ignore (hehe - you've been there, DONE that).

This workout (and others like it) are FRICKIN sneaky.  You'll be going along thinking, "Everything is fine.  This workout isn't so hard.  I wonder what all the fuss is about?"  

Two days later, you will literally fear your bodily functions.  

Once the pain has set in, there is NO GOING BACK, my friend.  You can try to stretch if you want to ... Maybe do some (light) massage ... Go for a walk ... Drink a bunch of water ... Bottom line?  You're screwed.  Nothing to do, but walk through that fire.  

As your friends, we will share this secret:  

There is only ONE thing you can do about the kind of soreness this workout (and others like it) can inflict.  Only ONE thing that will even remotely help.  



Rookie Q:  "Why would we do a workout that can make one so sore?"

A:  Minimalism (our edict) mandates that we do ALL that is necessary to obtain "Optimal Health" - but not ONE THING more!  Besides, you should NEVER make yourself that sore.  There is no health in it.  


Thanksgiving "Pie Burn" workout pics are up!  (Please tag.)  


Very fun Turkey Day workout with some of our closest friends.