AMRAP in 25 min.

4 ten meter high knee sprints
20 OH DB presses 15/20 ea.
20 DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.
20 OH triceps ext 15/20

Post rounds completed to comments.


10 meter sprint alt.  


Are You Addicted to Food? (Events)


I hate when people accuse us of "not stretching."  It's not true.  We DO stretch.  Dynamic Stretching is every bit as beneficial as other types of stretching.  More so (in my opinion) due to its economy of effort and several other factors which we will share in an upcoming article.  

The accusation that we "do not stretch" is mainly leveled at us by those who either don't understand our methods, or by those in direct competition to our methods.  It has been said (by those with an obvious agenda) that we are "too lazy" to apply stretching (as they understand it) to our clients.  The insinuation is that we are purposefully hurting our clients by not addressing their flexibility.  

This is laughable.  

First of all, lazy people don't do burpees.  Neither do they participate in "soul crushing" workouts.  Second, Flexibility is one of our 10 tenets of exercise.  Why would we include this if we weren't addressing it daily? Third, no one values the relationships we've forged in this community more than us.  This is evident in the fact that there IS a genuine and caring community here.  It is unthinkable to inflict injury, or even POTENTIAL injury upon those we care about so much.  

Injury is a funny thing.  We will do ALL we can to prevent it.  We are utterly committed to keeping you safe.  But, you should know (as we have known for years), stretching is becoming less and less favored by experts as a way to prevent injuries.  This is not to say stretching and flexibility training doesn't have it's place.  It does.  Just not so much with prevention of injury.  HERE is an interesting study on the subject you may be interested in perusing.


Troy's (miss you man) sister Monika will be testing vitamin levels all day today.  If you'd like to know more about how your vitamins and minerals are affecting you, plan to do a test with her.  It only takes a couple of mins.  For more information click HERE


No flexibility training going on here, right?  (pictured: Court)