5 rounds for time:

25 plate cleans 25/45
2 min. plate switches
25 burpee double pumper

Post time to comments.


2 minutes of Plate Switches is a serious undertaking.  Staying moving for the entire time is going to take more than just a little effort.  But, you CAN do it.  

Here is a trick:  Try landing each switch with your weight equally distributed onto both feet.  

The mistake we see the most with this movement is folks lean back, keeping all the weight on the back foot (floor foot) and just tap the front foot (plate foot) on the top.  The problem with doing this is it puts a lot more strain on the back (floor) foot.  By tapping the top foot (plate) only, you've made the bottom foot carry all the load from your body weight and the effect of gravity dec/accelerated.  

If you were to lean a little more forward and focus on landing both feet (top & bottom) at the same time, while equally distributing your body weight and dec/accelleration mass with each movement.  You'd get less tired from each movement.  You'd also recover faster for the next set.  And since we are doing 5 of these (10 full minutes of plate switches) you'll WANT that recovery.  


Hard to believe we only have one and a half weeks before Thanksgiving comes and the GPP Turkey Day Challenge ends.  

The challenge has been awesome.  Personally, it has made a ton of difference in my own health.  It's weird, I really look forward to water everyday.  That's saying something, because I hated water 2 weeks ago.  

Many of you have reported the same things.  Here is what Candice S. posted to comments last week:

"I have a serious Turkey Day Challenge success story!
I weighed in today at the lowest weight in at least 8 years. It is just one day, but a HUGE success for me. I've tried and tried to get there before and have just been off by 1 lb for about a year. And I'm not even starving. 

I'm never going back to sugar.

Thanks GPP Peeps! I needed this."

It is not too late to get started (or, RE-started) with this challenge.  You still have 1 1/2 weeks to do good things for your health.  Let us know you will be doing it and join in.  There is power in community!   Click HERE for more details and to get started.


This in NO WAY is a commentary on Zeponies Pizza.  They have excellent food.  We highly recommend their cuisine.  Did you know they have healthy choices on their menu?  One of the owners (Jake) works out here. Cool place.