3 sets of 5 reps OH BB press (strict) AHAP

3 sets of 5 reps OH skull crushers AHAP

3 sets of max reps bench dips

3 sets of 12 reps side lateral raise AHAP

Post weights used per set and number of consecutive bench dips to comments.


A lot of folks have told us they are terrified of this "Burpee Mile" thing we are doing for "No More Victims."  I've heard rumors that people have been trying to guess how many burpees it will take to complete a full mile.  Some are guessing upwards of 1000!  Haha!

There is NO WAY we would even try to do a thousand burpees.

Although we can't be sure exactly how many burpees we will be doing for our "No More Victims Burpee Mile," let us assure you - it'll be A LOT easier than you think.

Last August we did a half mile of burpees.  It took us around a half an hour.  After that we completed 3 more GPP workouts.  All of this happened before 10am!  To be honest, the easiest thing we did (I thought) was the half mile of burps!  The hardest thing about a half mile of burpees was the grass allergies.  If you were feeling apprehensive about joining us for the event, please reconsider.  It will be WAY easier than you think.

Below is an example of how we are doing our burpees for the event.