Warm up

500m row (slow)
30 KB deadlifts
3 sets of 30 sec ea. ham/glute/quad stretches


800m sprint 
rest 3 min

2 x 400m sprints 
rest 2 min between ea.

4 x 200m sprints
rest 1 min between ea.

Finish with

500m row
3 sets of 30 sec ea. ham/glute/quad stretches

Post times of each individual sprint and thoughts to comments.


GPP will be holding only 1 workout Wednesday eve (Halloween).  We will only be doing the 5pm.  


It is starting to get a little cold for workouts like this.  I think we should be fine today though.  It is supposed to be a pretty warm day (later).  

If you are one of those hearty (read: crazy) early morning folk, please dress warmly and in layers.  Be sure to cover your ears and fingers.  Also, the moon doesn't set until 8:49 A.M., but you might consider throwing a headlamp in your car to use over the next couple of mornings.  While the weather is warm, we should run a little (since we couldn't last week).  


Fun to have so many of you on board for the "Turkey Day Challenge."  It appears we need to answer a couple of common questions and make some clarifications.  Here are a few we've run into today.   


  1. You need to post every day.  Win or lose your daily challenge, we all gain from each others experiences.  No post = 1 can, or $1.00.
  2. Challenge starts NOW!  "But Neil, what about Halloween?"  Sorry, it starts now. :)  
  3. "What if I forget to post?"  That'll be 1 can, or $ please.  
  4. "Can I pay up front for my mistakes in advance?"  Yep.  
  5. "How many cans or $ could this cost me per day?"  How many mistakes did you make?  Remember, if you committed to multiple challenges, you'd be responsible to pay multiple penalties, right?    
  6. "If I ate 3 pieces of candy in one sitting is that 1 or 3 penalties?"  Honor code dictates that it would be 3 since that is more in line with the purpose of this challenge. 
  7. "If I committed to 5 fruits per day, and ate 6 on Monday, can I get away with eating only 4 on Tuesday?"  Nope.  What happened yesterday is in the past.  Each day the challenge starts anew.  
  8. "I didn't know about this challenge.  Can I start now?"  Please do.  

Please post questions for clarification to comments.  Thank you for the inspiration.  This is awesome!  


The little sign in the bottom of the container showed up a couple of minutes after we put it out.  CMAU!  Can you hear the "Jaws" music in the background?