For time:

Row 1600 m
run 800 m
100 double unders (or 300 singles)
100 plate cleans 25/45
100 KB swings 25/35
100 box jumps

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Programming - Works (musings) by Neil Anderson

It is called "programming."  It is the element missing from your friends' workouts.  It is too bad.  They could be saving a lot of time, energy, money and frustration if they'd consider it. 

Let me take a minute to brag on ya'll.  Today we saw impressive improvement in strength across the board.  All class times reported significant improvement.  Personal records were set all over the place on heavy deads.  Both the over-all male (455 - Brother of Beastmode) and female (255 - Buff) dead lift records fell today.  Many many other PRs were reported.  Some by 50 lbs!  Others by more! 

OUTSTANDING work all! 

The thing is, we have hardly done ANY heavy deads this year.  A couple of times we have done heavy sets of 5.  Once we did heavy 4's.  Even then, I can only find (less than) a half dozen times we have done heavy deads at all.  The question then becomes, HOW is this possible?  How is it that so many of you saw such improvement on so little specific training on this movement?  Wouldn't you think that to improve your dead lift by over 50 lbs. and set a new PR you'd have to put some specific, constant and focused effort on dead lifting? 

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Triathlon Training Camps

Tucson, AZ February 15-18, 2013 and St. George, UT March 15-18, 2013



Saturday October 20, 2012 @ 10:00am Murray City Park


Newest members of the 200lb club (the ones we caught ...).  Starting from L to R from the top - Kim, Kathleen, Nikki, Judy, Abby, Nikki, Candice, Lisa & Malorie.  Sorry, I simply couldn't figure out (with my extremely limited computer skills) how to make this expand.