For a good cause:

1 mile of burpee broad jumps

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GPP will be closed today in support of "The Burpee Mile."  Please consider joining us.  

To join us in Utah click HERE.

To join us off-site click HERE.

To get a T-shirt (we will ship - and continue taking orders til 10/20) click HERE.


Some of the logistics for The Burpee Mile:

-9:30am - Check in/Register, Sign Waivers & get T-shirts!  Get your Burpee Mile wrist bands to participate and become eligible for prizes (you'd never believe how much SWAG has been donated by LOTS of generous folk).
-Yes you can register and buy a t-shirt and not storm the mile. :)
-Yes we will take cash, check, and CC (but CC will be a pain and can only be done through Janetha's laptop).
9:45am- Teresa!! Zumba warms everyone up!
10:00am- Flag Ceremony by the Boy Scouts of America. 
  • Lizz Bennett introduces Mindy Nance, representative from NMV.

10:30am- The Burpee Mile Begins!  

For more info click HERE.


Thank you to these fine folk and MANY, MANY more.