Perform 1 burpee on the first minute, 2 on the second minute and so on.  Continue adding 1 burpee per minute for as long as you are able.

Post number of rounds successfully completed to comments.


Please allow me a personal note tonight.

My health is one of my most treasured gifts.  I am grateful for it daily.  I realize not everyone has been blessed with this gift.  Because of this, I realize that having good health does not come without responsibility.  I love the thought of being able to take some of the health I have been blessed with and use it to directly benefit someone else (albeit in a small way).  I have long felt that there is no greater usefulness for the act of becoming healthy and fit than to use it in service of another. I believe if more people would put the health they feverishly forge through exercising to this kind of good use - we'd live in an entirely different world.  One that would be much better in EVERY regard.  

The other thing I believe is, WE all have the power to create this "different world" here and now.  

It has already taken root.  I am humbled to report the support behind the Burpee Mile has been enormous. I am proud to be a part of such a unique and kind community.  And I'm not just talking our GPP community.  This cause has transcended our influence.  It has brought to itself gifted and caring people who are willing to put aside differences and unite for a superior cause.  It is inspiring to know such generosity and humanity exists in such large quantities. 

Here is the thing, our combined influences are limited. (Haha, maybe not so much if we'd have started a little earlier.  3 weeks from conception to delivery isn't much time for something like this).  So, to make a difference for those who need it, we'll need your help.  Please become involved if you can.  

Going around the community to invite folks to a "mile of burpees" has been a funny experience. I've never gotten funnier looks.  I realize the incredible fear that this invokes.  I have the fear myself - bad!  But, here is my perspective on it all.   

Whatever my fear of burpees ... Whatever the pain I imagine awaits me from doing a mile of them ... all of it PALES in comparison to those who have truly suffered.     

Perhaps, as an individual I may not be able to contribute much to this from almost ANY other perspective.  I certainly cannot erase terrible things that have been inflicted upon the innocent.  But I shall surely try to provide relief where I can.  And, by HELL I've got SOME burpees in me.  Maybe not a mile of them, but surely SOME.  What I have, I intend to give.  

If you feel like me, and can contribute anything to a worthy cause, please join us this weekend for The Burpee Mile.   


Below is Court's idea for a new kind of burpee to propel us through the mile faster.  I think we shall call it the "Burpee Tuck & Roll.  Toyed with the idea of calling them "a Court of Burpees," or "Burpees by the Court."  But, they seemed cliche.  Your thoughts?  

BTW - I said, "Cheat" in the video.  Now, I'm not so sure it is a cheat.  I think I endorse this movement - for the Mile.