Complete 10 rounds of the following:

In 2 minutes you are to sprint 200m, do 5 burpees  and complete as many squats as possible.  
Rest precisely 1 min. 

Post squats completed from each round to comments.


Jeff P. pulls a 505! Amazing!  Check out his bar configuration.  


How are you doing with getting your vitamins and minerals on board?  Remember, EVERY process in your body happens in the presence of vitamins, minerals, water and energy.  It stands to reason that if you are deficient on any one, or combination of these you won't be as successful as you'd hope to be.  

If you are curious about how good your daily multi works, Monika will be here to do testing all day today.  First time testing is free and only takes about 2 min.  Check out her stuff HERE.  It is great.  I use it daily.


Sexual maltreatment is one of the most common forms of child abuse.  Most abusers are known to their victims.  Perpetrators are usually related or close family friends.   

The sad fact is, up to 37% of males and 53% of females have been mistreated sexually by a trusted adult or teen.  Many of these (especially males) go on to become abusers themselves.  

PLEASE HELP BREAK THIS CHAIN!  Please protect our children.  

No More Victims is an organization who specializes in helping those who've been victimized.  Please help us support their efforts.  Register for the "Burpee Mile" today.  Bring the kids and some friends.  Together we can all make a difference.

We will continue to take t-shirt orders throughout October 20, but to gaurantee your shirt by the day of the event please pre-order by October 12. Order Here.


OK GPP sporting some gear!  Amazing looking crew!  Dang nice to put some faces to the posts!  Thank you for sending this.