6 rounds for time:

20 twist punch R M/H
20 twist punch L M/H
20 side ups R
20 side ups L
20 tick tocks R 25/35
20 tick tocks L 25/25
200 rope jumps

Post time to comments


HELLth week was amazing.  The energy surrounding what we all accomplished last week was so high you could almost taste it.  This taste could only be described as "salty badassity."

It was a helluva a way to start the new year. Let's keep it rolling. 

I propose we all take a week to work up to a serious goal.  No, I mean serious.  Look, I didn't really want to go here (since it is depressing and all - plus it will scare the little ones), but it is well-known we are all going to die at the end of this year.  Every well-known Mayan prophet is on record as saying so.  They even give a specific date (Dec. 21st) for earth's destruction.  You'd think they could give us just ONE more Christmas, but whatever ...

Anyway, since we are all going to die, I propose that we leave behind some beautiful corpses.  Even better, I propose we all get into the greatest shape of our lives and WEAR THESE BODIES OUT doing FRICKIN cool stuff all year.  And here is the thing: if you are going to do FRICKIN cool stuff, you are going to need the health to do it.  

Take the next week of your life and dream a little.  Consider doing something you NEVER in a million years thought you would or could.  Then, write that thing down and just FRICKIN do it.  Do it this year.  Hint: if you do this thing with loved ones it will be amazing - for all of you.  Next week on Monday let's post these goals.  We'll make it like a huge CCC on steroids (not that we need it - CCC's have been amazing - but you get the idea).  

Here is the ONE RULE - The goal you claim (on the site to everyone) cannot be directly health related.  In other words you MAY NOT say you are going to, "lose 20 lbs."  INSTEAD, this goal has to put your backside into a sling FORCING you to lose the 20.  So, you are going to have to say something like, "I am going to sport a bannana hammock this year at Bear Lake over the 4th of July weekend and then post that pic on FB."  See what I mean by "backside into a sling?"  You might also say something like, "I'm going to hike the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu with my family."  That kind of thing is going to demand some "pounding down."     

Put your thinking cap on at a family meeting and come up with a good one(s).  We'll discuss it more through the week right here on the blog.  GPP will come up with some cool rules, meetings and special workshops etc. to help.  You have a week! 


HELLth Week Winners

1st prize (FREE month) - Chelsea Larson
2nd prize (t-shirt) - Traci Harward
3rd prize (M'lis Protein) Allen Freestone

Congrats all!  We foresee many more giveaways in the future.