Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes perform:

10 burpees

Post reps completed to comments.


We have a feeling the 8:45 will be a zoo Saturday morning.  To cut down on congestion, we are going to hold a class at 8:00 a.m. THIS Saturday only.  Thank you.   


Clarifying the Burpee:

Recently I began to consider the clap we make at the top of our burpees to be silly, wasteful and unnecessary.  I hate it.  Always have.  This is despite having probably taught it with the clap a thousand times.  Now, I reject it.  

As I have begun telling people (classes ... whoever else will listen) that I have eschewed the clapping burpee, it has had the effect of messing up the burpee mojo at GPP.  Now there are all kinds of interpretations of the burpee at our humble little fitness factory.  It is probably time to re-clarify. 

To do a proper burpee while getting the most benefit from it, you must complete the following steps:

1.  Somehow find your way to the floor (jump, snake, don't care) and put your chestital region (I feel sure this is a scientific term) in full contact with said floor. 

2.  As if on fire and in one motion, jump back to your feet, throw your hands above your head, extend your hips, knees and spine fully, then loft your body into the air.  We don't care how high, just get there.  

3.  Repeat ONLY as many times as is mandatory for improved health and fitness. 

4.  Embrace the suck. 

Burpees are terrible things and although the woman (I feel sure it was a woman.  An ugly woman.  Probably scorned ... [Might have been a man though.  Hideously disfigured with severe mental problems]) who invented them probably belongs behind bars - for the misery she has inflicted upon the world - there is incredible, full-body, multi-system benefit in doing them.  So we do.  And as long as we are doing them anyway (might be the king of all exercises) we just as well do them right.  Right?  

Please feel free to take the clap out of your burpee, as I will.  Also feel free to leave it in (although I'll be silently judging you).  Whatever you decide to do, please follow all the steps above and you'll get the most benefit.  Which is the point. 


Almost there...