Complete 4 straight sets of each of the following in any order:

8 BB biceps curls AHAP
8 triceps OH ext. AHAP
8 db alt. biceps curls (strict) AHAP
8 triceps push downs (band) AHAP

Post weights used per set to comments. 


This (below) was a LOT of fun this weekend.  Epic relay.  Special thanks to Katie Roberts. We'll be having more "Outsider" events in the near future.  We'll keep you posted of them here on the site.  HOPE to see you there. -N 

The "Outside, Inside, Upside, Down" workout/relay - by Kate Roberts

In teams of 5 complete the following:

600 squats on something, at least 3' off the ground
500 situps by a pine tree
climb 10 ft up a tree
1000 jump ropes by a gas pump
600 lunge steps by a fence
300 biceps curl per arm by a sign with a "P" on it
600 kettlebell swings with a cow in the background
400 high sumos by a red car
150 pullups
15 minute plank
500m swim with 10 pushups after each 50m
do the Macarena in a place of business
300 burpees in the snow
4 team members must hang upside down
run 20 miles

Only 1 teammate can be contributing to reps at any given time with exception given to running. 
You may not partition exercises.


The second annual "Outsiders" Weekend (2012) was cool.  FREEZING even!  3...2...1...DOWN!