For lowest time (in seconds) minus total reps completed:

Citizens of GPP are to organize into teams of 5.  Teams will continually perform reps of exercises (below) in unison until each individual member has sprinted around the building (approx 200 m) once.  This is to be done while the other members of the team are pounding out reps.  Upon returning from the sprint/run the runner will fall in with the rest of the group and continue with reps of the exercises while the next runner goes, and so on.  The exercises are as follows:

KB high sumo 25/35
jumping pullups

Score by subtracting total time in seconds from total reps.  Lowest score wins.  Post score to comments.


What is your goal this week?  One of the biggest mistakes you can make with your health is not quantifying an objective.  

Usually, it works best if you do this week to week.  For example: if you have a weight-loss goal you are more likely to accomplish it if you specify exactly how much you plan to lose this week.  Maybe yours is a participation goal.  If so, how many workouts will you accomplish this week?  How hard will you attack them?  How and where will you record and quantify this?  If your goal is better eating, how and where will you quantify that you have done better (calories? macros? more greens? a multi-vitamin? more fiber)?

Whatever your overall healthy objective is, it will work better for you if you split it up into smaller, more workable portions.  Setting a weekly goal and acheiving it can be key to your success!


Perfect Karen!  Although we'll take em if you clear the chin, we like these better!