6 rounds for time:

20 med ball pushups
20 press jacks 15/20
20 side lateral raises 10/15
20 wall ball singles 6/8
300 rope jumps

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Are you ready for HELLth week?  Prepare yourself.  Next week, January 2nd starts our year out right.  We suggest starting now you take a little extra care of yourself.  Get a little more sleep.  Become well hydrated.  Eat LESS SUGAR!  A little preparation right now will pay off in spades next week.  If you have never been through one of these before - take our word for it...any advantage you can give yourself will be worth it.


I have been working out regularly for years.  It started sometime in my late teens.  In all the years I have been working out, I take much pride in the fact that I have NEVER missed a New Year's day workout.  I feel like this is the best way to get your year started on the right foot.  This being said, New Year's day is a Sunday this year.  GPP is closed on Sunday.  This poses a dilemma.  How then am I to get my New Year's workout?  What will become of the streak?  

Not to worry.  GPP is doing a special New Year's eve/day workout.  This will occur at 1 a.m. on New Year's day.  We'd like to invite you to participate.  We know that most of you have uber-exciting lives and will be jet-setting around the globe, partying with famous people and generally, bringing in the New Year right.  But for those of you staying in town (probly tending to a sick uncle, or something) we'd like to invite you to participate.  We realize this couldn't seem more lame.  There must be a million better things to do on NYE/NYD. But, just in case you're interested, or maybe you'd like to continue on with your own streak.  Get your New Year's partying and etc. done before 1 a.m. and come cook up the first sweat of the year with us at GPP HQ.  


Chin up. Chest high.  Inward curve to the back.  Weight on his heels.  Bar perfectly placed.  You'd think this guy was a pro or somthing...