With a deck of cards perform exercises as drawn for each of the following:

Hearts = Pushups
Diamonds = Crunches
Clubs = Squats
Spades = Burpees

Numbered cards are done for reps as numbered
Kings & Queens are 10 reps
Aces are 15 reps
Jokers & Jacks = 400m run

As soon as 1/2 the class is done with the card - we move on!
Rx is awarded to those who do all reps


"Lemon Style" Hit the Deck is an homage to the first time Lizz conducted this workout with classes back in 2009.  She knew that Jokers = 400 m runs.  What she didn't know was that Jacks aren't Jokers! 


Message: Hello Neil, I just wanted to let you know I found your website kind of by accident but it turned out to be the best accident I've ever made. Before trying your workouts I dabbled in the [names redacted] type workouts. Though I felt excerted after those workouts, I always felt I was on the brink of injury. With your workouts I feel great, I feel it pays great attention to all aspects of health related physical fitness. By the way I live in Long Island NY, and I'm not the only person around that knows of your workouts...

Your friend on Long Island,

                                   Ryan M.


Sammy's got swing!