50 box jumps
300 jump ropes


Perform 3 rounds of each triplet before moving to the next. Minimize rest during the triplet.  Rest up to 90 sec after each triplet.  Do each triplet in the order presented.  Begin with whichever triplet.

4 handstand push ups (nose to floor)
12 strict OH DB press AHAP
25 side lateral raise 10/15 (strict)


4 ring dips
12 OH triceps French press AHAP
25 BB skull crushers 25/45


25 situps
25 tick tocks L 25/35
25 tick tocks R 25/35
1 min 6 inch leg raise

Post weights and reps to comments.


"Made my weight!! Now can do a strict Chin Up.
Down a total of 20.6 pounds. Dropped a full pant size plus a little more. Lost about 3 inches from around my stomach since I started measuring. Can again comfortably button the top button on my dress shirts. Feeling great.

In addition, even through she was not doing the CCC, Christy is also down about 10 lbs by loosely following the BCD with me and attending GPP classes. It is great to have your family supporting you in these efforts and great community of people at GPP as well."    - KJS


One of my favorite things about the Thanksgiving workout was all the kids.  140+ adults in the room storming a workout and all these little guys and gals (this is David and Laurie Webster's little guy) were right in the thick of it!