Today is a day of eating and joy.  It is a day that we hope you will spend with those you love and who love you back.  You should feel no guilt for taking the day off and ABSOLUTELY horking down some food.   

But in case you do feel guilt, or maybe just anticipate feeling guilt, we invite you to our 8am workout.  It is called JUMP!  It is a one-off workout that would be impossible to post due to its complexity.  You'll see what we mean when you get here.  We've done this once at a group run last year.  It was HELLA fun!  It is also FREE for all. 

You should also know that the last time I pulled this workout on a group (Jazz Dancers less than 1 month ago) many of them were still sore 10 days later!  IT-IS-FRICKIN-ROUGH! Bring your "A" game and leave your ego at the door.  Also, we anticipate a large group tomorrow morning.  We apologize in advance if it gets a little hairy. 


We at GPP are grateful for your friendship.  Happy Thanksgiving! 


We brought the haze last Turkey Day!