Perform 5 sets of each:

5 weighted chinups AHAP
5 BB curl cleans AHAP
10 bar grippers (forward) AHAP (R + L = 1)

Post weights used for each to comments.
Warning:  Clear the area below you before performing weighted pullups.  Take extra caution while jumping down from the bar so that you don't land on the weight you are using.  
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Due to the AMAZING results of our current CCC (Crash Course Challenge) we have all agreed to begin again and run the next challenge back-to-back.  This starts Wednesday eve.  
On average, Americans gain 5+ pounds over the holidays.  Now let me put that in perspective for you.  Not everyone gains weight.  Only about half of us do.  The thing to know is that the calculated number is done for ALL Americans.  This means that the average weight gained by those who gain weight is well over 10 lbs.  That is a LOT of ground to lose through the holidays.  DON'T DO IT!  
Come join us on Wednesday and be a part of those who not only DON'T lose ground, but actually gain ground on the whole health thing.  
Meeting starts at 7:15.  Cost for this 6 week CCC = $50.  

This picture embodies what IronMan is all about.  This is the last finisher of the IMAZ last night.  Look at the clock.  She finishes with only 1 second to spare before the cut-off.  Even better...check out the spectators.