4 rounds for time:

50 high weighted situps 15/20
50 superman back ext
800 m run.  

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A conversation I had on the phone today (as near as I can remember it).

Caller: "I'm shopping for a good gym and was just calling  to see what you guys had to offer."  

Me:  "Optimal Health."

Caller:  "Ha ha!  No, I mean what kinds of classes and equipment do you have?"

Me:  "We have DAILY ones...and mainly flooring."

Caller:  Okay...so, how long are your contracts and what is the pricing?  

Me:  "Generally, it is a lifetime thing and its a hundred dollars per month."

I hope she comes by to try us out... 


Don't forget the "Aches and Pains" clinic this Friday night.  If you've got issues (joint, muscular, etc.) Curtis Jolley of Performance West Physical Therapy has volunteered  1 night to addressing all of your specific aches and pains.  He will also give tips and tricks for getting the most mileage out of your body. 

When:  Friday, November 18th @ 6pm.

Where:  GPP HQ - Please bring a chair.  We only have a few.  

Cost:  Free for all GPP members.  


Fun with pushups.