5 rounds OTC - 

20 KB halos R 25/35
20 KB halos L 25/35
20 KB biceps curls R 25/35
20 KB biceps curls L 
20 KB OH T2T press R 25/35
20 KB OH T2T press L 25/35
20 KB front squats 25/35 (see description below)
20 v-ups

Post Rx or reps missed to comments. 


To perform a KB Front Squat - Simply hold the KB at shoulder height with both hands.  Perform a front squat as usual.   


What is this "Girls on the Run Reindeer Romp?"  It is a 5k fun run for charity that we hope you'll come be a part of.  

Years ago it occurred to me that fitness is nothing without useful intention behind it.  Those who gain fitness and the accompanying health it affords are truly blessed.  It doesn't take much looking around to see that not everyone possesses this gift.  However, with little effort, ALL can benefit from your increased health.  

Girls on the Run Reindeer Romp is a 5k fun run aimed at helping young ladies become more active and realize the benefits of a healthier body.  Weeks before this event these young ladies begin to follow a structured running program through meetings at a local "Girls on the Run" Affiliate.  They are also assigned an adult mentor.  After weeks of training in preparation for this 5k, these young ladies and their mentors come together and run the 5k.  It is FRICKIN cool.  

Although the Reindeer Romp is primarily aimed at these young laides and thier mentors, the event on Dec 3rd is open to the public.  Please consider contributing to a good cause by grabbing your family and participating in this amazing and rewarding event.  GPP has taken a primary role in the Reindeer Romp.  We are helping to run the actual event that day.  We are in need of several more volunteers.  Please contact lizz.bennett@gmail.com if you wouldn't mind volunteering about 3 hours of your time that morning.