Complete supersets of:


chinups (strict)

Post weight per set and unbroken strings of chinups to comments

Complete 35 double unders after each superset above.   


For those of you planning to go OTT with us this Friday and Saturday.  We have arranged a meeting for last minute instructions on Thursday night at GPP @ 8:30 pm after Zumba.  Those of you coming up early Saturday morning will want to come also.  


Have you signed up for the SITTM 5k yet?  Remember, it will be the only workout conducted at GPP that day. Please sign up online and indicate shirt size at the gym.  We will be ordering shirts very shortly.  If you sign up late we will still get you a shirt!  It will just be a couple of days after.  


Pullups vs. Chinups - by Neil Anderson


Julie shows off her GPP!