For time


back squats 65/95
box jumps
lunge switches (R+L= 1)

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There is supposed to be a change in the weather this week.  That combined with this being the first week in October should be a reminder to us all that soon, ski season will be upon us. 

Ski season is cool.  We have noticed that those who ski regularly, usually stay in the best shape through the winter.  They are also less prone to injury all year long. 

The problem with many skiers is that they usually let the mountain get them into skiing shape.  Sketchy right?  Not only is this a more dangerous technique (most injuries occur when you are fatigued) it is also more expensive. 

This year (starting today) we are going to spend a little extra time getting your body into incredible skiing shape.  Not a skier?  Not to worry.  Being in "ski shape" has many functional advantages!  We think you'll like the effects.  Not to mention how it will look, "on." 


Practicing 1 of our summits (Willard Peak) for OTT.  25 miles of fun will be had in less than 6 days!