100 KB swings 25/35
25 pullups


5-4-3-2-1 reps for ea hand of:

Turkish get-ups (& downs) AHAP

Post highest weight per set, per hand to comments.


We suggest performing TGUs without shoes.  You have over 7200 nerve endings in your foot.  It is one of the highest concentrations of nerve endings anywhere in your body.  It is believed by many (relexologists) that much of what ails you can be cured by treating the feet.  We are not so sure about that.  What we CAN tell you is that performing lifts that require high amounts of coordination, balance and accuracy (TGUs, cleans, snatches, etc.) are best done barefoot.  We have observed that performing these movements barefoot increases your proprioception.   Increased proprioception = better work.  Better work = more work.  More work = more broad spectrum fitness (to a point).  More fitness = more health (to a point). 

What kind of fitness experts tell you to take your shoes off during a workout?  The kind who are more concerned about your health, than about covering their own backsides! 

I mean does, "Be careful not to drop weights on your feet," or "Be careful not to let others drop weights on your feet," or "Be careful not to stub your toes on equipment" EVEN need to be said?  OK.  Maybe children and idiots need to hear it. 

So...If you are a child or an idiot - please be careful if you choose to remove your shoes in the gym.


Also, you should know that excessive pushing off the big toe can result in this kind of thing.