GPP'ers Kim and Brian Robbins (left) and Kim's brother Matt (right) ready for Ironman!


Ironman Coeur d'Alene Sunday will have several lime green athletes on the course all yelling out to eachother encouraging phrases that no one else will understand, but will give exactly the right umph to the one with "Sweeet" printed on their back. Over the last year Kim, Brian, and Kim's brothers (the Hardy boys) Matt, James and Scott have trained for together for this race. James wife Carmen and Scott's wife, Kelly have come to triathlon camps, open water swims, and all day rides to offer support and even train with them! This has been a family affair from the start, for the Robbins, Hardy's, and the rest of the tri family competing on Sunday. Wes and Jen Johnson (Wen), Chris Eaves (Sweater Legs), Tom Fletcher (Dr. Tom), Kathryn (Hacksaw) Throolin, Barbara Nelson, Molly Nelson, and Gretchen Margetts, all of whom will be sporting the bright jerseys designed especially for IMCDA.

I'll post more pictures of the race and all the athletes (they will be easy to spot).

Go get em guys. You have already made us so proud.